3 Ways Virtualized Printing Complements a Cloud Strategy 

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Better Prepare Your Cloud Environment

We all know virtualization saves time and money

But there’s a problem...

Yes, virtualization saves time and money, frees up IT resources, and improves productivity. But there’s a problem - you can move everything to the cloud except for printers. Users will always need to have physical papers in hand.

In this eBook you will learn how to optimize your cloud strategy by directly connecting your printers to the cloud, securely, without using too much bandwidth. You will also learn how virtualized printing complements a broader virtualized cloud strategy so you can properly assess a solution that will work for you.

Topics covered in this eBook

Print Management


Cost Saving

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Understand how to optimize virtual printing and empowers IT administrators to manage services rather than servers, how to make users enjoy more convenient and reliable printing, and experience far fewer printing problems.