How to Optimize Epic Printing in your Healthcare VDI Environment 

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Secure Your Print Environment

Avoiding EPIC EMR challenges

VDI environment printing isn’t simple

Although using VDI to deliver Epic can improve reliability and availability while maximizing the use of computing resources, it also creates issues for printing. Printing is one of those functions that users tend to take for granted and assume that it will always work no matter how they access their applications. However, in a VDI environment printing isn’t always this simple depending on the application being virtualized.

This white paper addresses the common printing and workflow issues with Epic in a VDI environment and recommends using UniPrint Infinity to optimize VDI printing.

Topics covered in this Whitepaper

Redundant print servers

Printer Mapping

User Mobility

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Learn how to realize your investment in Epic by optimizing printing and its related administration by eliminating the need for Epic print servers