Secure Cloud Printing: How to Ensure Complete Security in the Cloud

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Enable Print Security in the Cloud

Being in the cloud...

Key tenets and concerns of cloud computing

One of the key tenets of cloud computing is the reduction of hardware and software ownership and maintenance which allows organizations to focus on their core business strategies and strengths. However, by adopting a cloud service, organizations must be willing to give up direct control of whichever system they are moving to the cloud and this naturally spawns concerns over security.

This white paper seeks to address the challenges and considerations, ramifications and benefits of achieving a sustainable, solid, demonstrable print infrastructure, otherwise termed as achieving a state of secure print.

Topics covered in this Whitepaper

Common security concerns

Secure Cloud Printing

Secure Cloud Setup

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Know How to Ensure Complete Printing Security in the Cloud, and reap the benefits of cloud computing by reducing the amount of server and software ownership and management in addition to maintaining a cost effective and secure, end-to-end printing infrastructure.