eBook: Printing in a Millennial World - The Future of Enterprise Printing

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Digital transformation taking over the corporate world by storm

Are you prepared for digital transformation?

As millennials begin to take on leadership responsibilities and engage in digitally redefining today’s enterprise world, the demand for technology that simplifies complexities, enhances mobility, and offers increased accessibility and security, has also risen drastically. Secure collaboration from anywhere, at anytime, and using any device, is high on the priority list for millennial leaders. As can be expected, this brings office printing into the equation! With limited ability to collaborate via printed material, do corporate millennial leaders see a future for enterprise printing?

This eBook will focus on the evolution of print in the new enterprise world, led by corporate millennial leadership, and will highlight important issues in the fast-evolving realm of print!.

Topics covered in this eBook

Millennial Impact

Digital Workplace Security

Cloud & Mobility

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